Women’s Yoga + Hiking Retreats in Twin Lakes, Colorado

Quiet your mind and reconnect with nature while practicing yoga among Colorado’s tallest peaks. 

During the women’s-only Yoga + Hiking Retreats, guests enjoy daily yoga and hiking with incredible alpine views, intention-setting meditation and relaxation. 

Bring new meaning to mountain pose as you practice outdoor yoga within the Wolf Den’s quiet gazebo. Explore beautiful fall foliage in the remote Colorado town of Twin Lakes. Push yourself to complete an alpine hike with the encouragement of new friends.

Round out a relaxing weekend with delicious meals, restorative massage and downtime spent in the hot tub with a glass of wine and a canopy of stars overhead.

Join us this fall at the Wolf Den!

Session 1 (Sep. 5-8)

A 3-day retreat geared for those who seek gentle yoga mixed with relaxed scenic hiking. With guidance, guests will expand their yoga practice to include meditation. A hike up to Central Colorado’s Lost Man Pass (12,815-ft.) will leave everyone with a sense of accomplishment. Guests will also enjoy a 1-hour relaxation massage. View schedule and register.

Session 2 (Sep. 11-15)

A 4-day retreat geared for those seeking more challenge during invigorating yoga sessions and while hiking Colorado’s tallest peak, Mt. Elbert (14,433 ft.). Guests will celebrate their accomplishments with a full day of relaxation, yoga-skills workshops and recovery massage. View schedule and register.